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naisa senior associate Pro bono expertise is a significant component to the naisA Global mission. We value professionals who volunteer their skills to help build our network, and change the future of young Asian rising stars. Our Senior Associates have a diverse background and come from a wide array of fields such as the legal, consulting, and education sectors. Each Senior Associate brings diverse viewpoints and ideas to our team, and plays a crucial role in our organizational development.

naisA Global is always looking for talented individuals to join our team of Senior Associates. Our Senior Associates are established professionals with many years of experience. Senior Associates are accomplished individuals in their field, and volunteer their time and expertise to naisA Global. Senior Associates work with our Executive Committee to drive naisA Global’s mission and contribute ideas and services to senior leadership. They play an important role and can be invited to become a mentor if they choose to work with naisA Global.

If you’re motivated by a desire to contribute your expertise to a global-reaching educational organization, then we want to hear from you.

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