The Banality of Bureaucracy

The new way of operating a business has emerged: holacracy. ‘Holacracy is a new way of running an organization that removes power from a management hierarchy and distributes it across clear roles, which can then be executed autonomously, without a micromanaging boss. It seems unlikely; however, that holacracy will make any substantial gains in dismantling bureaucracy. Bureaucracy continues to characterize our society and it remains important to consider why it is so difficult to eradicate bureaucracy. To begin with, people have a natural aversion to change, no matter how essential or benefi...

Don’t Underestimate Minority Influence!

The assumption that the majority will always dominate at the expense of the minority is now obsolete. The era of the majority has passed and minority rule has taken the next lead. As the old saying “Les petits piments sont forts” goes, we would wise not to underestimate ‘minority influence’. What exactly is ‘minority influence’? Minority Influence is ‘a form of social influence that is attributed to exposure to a consistent minority position in a group.’ There are two types of social influence: conformity and conversion. Majority influence exhibits itself in the form of conformity, where pe...

How Introverts Can Succeed

Did you know that there are two kinds of people- introverts and extroverts? Introverts tend to gain energy from spending quiet time alone, while extroverts gain energy from being around a lot of people. Because of this, introverts tend to be quieter and more reserved; characteristics that may make them seem unsuited for leadership. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Asian societies tend to be much more accepting of introverted leaders, as opposed to Western societies, which associate extroverted characteristics -like talking a lot and jumping into action first- with strong leadership. An...

Diversity Matters in Business

Closeup image of hands of businesspeople on top of each other as symbol of their partnership
In such a globalized society, seeing diversity is not a surprise anymore. More and more companies and organizations are making diversity a key objective. Stephen Covey, an American educator, businessman, and keynote speaker said, “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” Having a diverse spectrum of individuals in the workplace has a tremendous impact on workplace functions. Diversity and Creativity Creativity is a key success factor in business. One way to facilitate creativity is to create an environment where people from different backgrounds and cultures are encouraged to ...

5 Skills that Employers are Looking For

You’ve got the college degree, and you have summers of work and intern experience. The next step is to find a job. When looking for a job, everyone wants to know what it is that employers are looking for. It’s true that having a college education matters; on average people with a college degree earn more than those without a college degree. Even now, your college degree doesn’t necessarily translate into a job in the same field. In today’s job market, employers now look for skills, skills that can be learned through any variety of experiences and backgrounds. Now that it has been establishe...

More Tips on How to Set Successful Goals

Successful people have a lot of habits that they attribute to achieving and maintaining their success. Some of these habits include waking up early, time management, and scheduling time to relax. Perhaps one of the most important habits successful people have is setting goals. Goals are important because they help us keep our energy and focus on the task on hand, and help us ignore distractions. Setting goals is an action that we engage in every day, but we don’t always know how to maximize it for success. However, there are several ways to set goals to set yourself up success. We’ve already c...

Asian Leadership

A group of muliethnic Business people using a digital tablet in the office.
Thanks to modern advances in technology, industries have advanced in ways that were unthinkable a few decades ago. Now it’s possible for a manager to lead a team of people from around the world, or for someone to be located in America and communicate with a team in Asia. Not only that, we’re seeing the rise of companies with a global presence that are not necessarily based in the US. Industries have benefitted in so many ways from this free exchange of information and talent, but it also presents new challenges. From a leadership perspective, the most pressing challenge is effectively leading ...

Why Confidence is Key

When people consider what it takes to become a successful person, the first thing that comes to mind is confidence. After all, a person who believes in themselves is capable of jumping into projects, taking calculated risks, and most importantly, inspiring others to follow them. For as long as people have contemplated the power of high self-confidence, people have also been contemplating the potential pitfalls of high self-confidence. In 2012, the Harvard Business Review published an article that explored the connection between self-confidence and success, and concluded that ultimately, les...

4 Ways to Make the Most of your Mentorship Relationship

In the development of a young professional’s career, the role of a mentor is very important and very influential. Mentors are a valuable source of wisdom and real-life experience that can provide practical insight into professional development that education can’t provide. Mentors can also guide mentees, and teach them new skills. Here at naisA global, we’ve already discussed certain things that mentors can do to be better mentors, but there are also things mentees can do in order to make the most of their mentor-mentee relationship. Find the right mentor Finding a mentor seems like the ...